• Xiaoying Chu

    Director of Global Collaboration and Partner Publishing, Asia
  • Roger Gonçalves

    Associate Sales Director
  • Chris Hoag

    Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Sales Manager
  • Tracy Holmes

    Global Sales Director, Advertising + Custom Publishing
  • Sarah LeLarge

    Europe Sales Manager
  • Jackie Oberst

    Assistant Editor, Custom Publishing
  • Stephanie O'Connor

    Northeast Senior Sales Manager
  • Sean Sanders

    Senior Editor, Custom Publishing
  • Lynne Stickrod

    West Sales Manager

Xiaoying Chu

As the Director of Global Collaboration and Partner Publishing, Asia for Science/AAAS, Xiaoying oversees strategic partnership and business development in the region. She grew up and completed her undergraduate studies in Jinan, Shandong Province of China. Following graduation, she went on to work as a book editor for a Chinese publisher, after which time she went to the UK to receive her Masters in Publishing. Before Xiaoying joined Science/AAAS, she was the Vice General Manager of Charlesworth China, helping international society publishers and organizations set up/expand presence and raise awareness in China.

Roger Gonçalves

Roger joined Science in November 2008. He previously held positions at Informa and Nature Publishing Group where he helped launch the journal Nature Methods in New York. In addition to advertising sales and consulting, in 2016 Roger also took on responsibility for the Science prize programs and scientific meetings for the group. With almost 20 years of experience in STM publishing, Roger has a profound passion for scientific publishing and developing novel advertising solutions for clients to connect with readers. Roger is based in Switzerland and lives by the principles of the three F’s: family, fun and food.

Chris Hoag

After many years as a copywriter, media analyst and graphic pundit completely focused on supporting scientific marketers, I’ve come aboard Science/AAAS to help leverage new technologies and practices in communication.

Telecommunication and software have changed the way we communicate and interact. My entire career has been devoted to studying communication and media, beginning at a traditional ad agency and progressing to the leading edge of information design.

I’ve been fortunate to work with the leading players in life science manufacturing, media and distribution, and to have experienced significant changes in the market as they have occurred. I’m looking forward to bringing a consultative and widely accomplished perspective to today’s marketers.

Tracy Holmes

Tracy is based in Europe and started her career as a sales specialist in the pharmaceutical industry. She made the move to publishing and advertising sales when she joined Science/AAAS in 2000.   Having led the Recruitment Advertising team, first in Europe and then the US, she is experienced in helping organizations recruit, brand, and engage with the Science audience across multiple platforms.  She now heads up Global Advertising Sales and is proud to be part of an organization that is dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of all people. Tracy is a country girl at heart and was once crowned Dairymaid of Norfolk, but has never milked a cow in her life!

Sarah LeLarge

Sarah comes from France and has acquired 20 years of experience in the UK in Publishing Advertising Sales for international newspapers, including the International Herald Tribune and multiple B2B and trade publications selling both display and classified advertising on European and International markets. After joining Science in 2013 as part of the advertising recruitment team, Sarah now handles Product Advertising Sales for Science‘s European clients. Sarah has known a few adventures in her life, not the least working in the 90s as a volunteer on a Greenpeace Ship in Asia!

Jackie Oberst

Jackie did her undergraduate training at the University of Maryland, College Park, and received her Ph.D. in Tumor Biology at Georgetown University. Following this science training, she combined her interests of science and writing by receiving an M.A. in Journalism from the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park. Jackie joined Science/AAAS in 2016 following stints at Nature magazine, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, The Endocrine Society, and the National Institutes of Mental Health. In addition to having copyediting, publishing, managing editor, project management and public relations experience, she is also well-versed in social media and events planning and coordination. Ask Jackie about anything from lab-grown meat to operatic frogs to obesity vaccines!

Stephanie O'Connor

Stephanie brings almost 20 years of sales experience, a decade of which has been dedicated specifically to media sales within the life science and clinical diagnostics, and has acquired a vast array of experience with providing effective custom marketing solutions.

With a proven track record for facilitating long term business relationships with clients, she enjoys partnering with them to find unique ways to help reach their marketing goals. Her positive, supportive approach and genuine interest in helping clients drive revenue and awareness enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers through quality, innovative marketing solutions for the marketplace.

Originally from Charleston, SC, and now living in New England for 2 decades, Stephanie calls on her Southern charm and Yankee know-how to bestow quality service. In a former life, Stephanie was a sous chef and is inspired by her heritage when whipping up delightful dinners for her family and friends.

Sean Sanders

Sean hails from South Africa, where he grew up and completed his undergraduate studies in microbiology and biochemistry. He traveled to the UK to complete his Ph.D. and then to the U.S. for his postdoctoral training at the NIH and Georgetown University. He has been with Science/AAAS for over a decade, launching and running their custom publishing program. Outside of work, Sean has been known to combine his martial arts training and swing dance skills into a fun, but sometimes dangerous, form of partner dancing.

Lynne Stickrod

Lynne Stickrod is a 3rd generation native Californian (and proud of it!). She loves working with Science to help clients find the best way to build their brand and achieve increased sales and is committed to following the adage that the customer perspective always comes first.


Being based in the heart of Silicon Valley, a hotbed of American technical innovation, Lynne is adept at bringing you the latest advances to improving your marketing needs, backed by the Science brand.

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