2022's Top Employers provide safety, support, and success for scientists

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By Alaina G. Levine |

When it comes to selecting an employer that will value their expertise, voice, and career goals, scientists use a specific metric: safety. Read More.

2021's Top Employers engage, nurture, and harness the power of scientists

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By Alaina G. Levine |

Respondents in the Top Employers Survey say they are looking for companies that are innovative and respectful. Read more

3 Strategies for Hiring Scientific Talent During COVID-19

By Science Careers Office of Publishing 

Let’s face it, when you’re hiring for an actual rocket scientist, recruitment is never going to be easy. But with the many recruiting and workplace challenges that have arisen this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the scientific recruiting landscape has become even more difficult to navigate. Read More.

2020’s Top Employers: Rapid response to COVID-19, diversity, and innovation

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By Alaina G. Levine |

In a year like no other, 2020’s Top Employers Survey not only highlighted the best working environments in pharma and biotech but also addressed some of the unique issues that arose this year, such as how to respond to a pandemic. Read More.

2020 COVID-19 Recruitment Survey: Summary of Findings

By Science Careers Office of Publishing 

Science Careers conducted an online survey of individuals involved in recruiting and hiring scientific personnel to learn more about how these individuals and their organizations were navigating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how it was affecting their recruiting and hiring plans. Read More.

Racism in science is real. Universities must champion change

By Lala Tanmoy Das 

At our first lab meeting since the COVID-19 lockdowns were lifted, I sensed unease. After taking a seat at a large table, I noticed that no one seemed to want to sit next to me. As more people shuffled in, most of my labmates huddled on the opposite side of the table. Someone mentioned the “kung flu.” Another labmate “joked” that Asians really ought to be wearing masks, especially in small gatherings such as lab meetings. It took me a few moments to realize that—as the only Asian person in the room—they were likely talking about me. I know I should have been wearing a mask, but I wasn’t the only person in the room without one. Read More.

‘It’s a competitive advantage.’ Scientists tout benefits of hiring remote postdocs

By Harini Barath

On a typical workday, Katy Hosbein—a postdoc in chemistry education at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina—attends lab meetings on Zoom and logs into Slack to connect with lab members. That work arrangement will sound familiar to many scientists now, in the age of COVID-19. But it isn’t new for Hosbein; she’s worked remotely from Portland, Oregon, since July 2019. Read More.

Top employers: Breakthroughs, impact, and purpose

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By Chris Tachibana | Oct. 25, 2019 , 2:00 PM

The 17th annual Top Employers Survey features a surprise: Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, an RNA-interference therapeutics company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, earned the No. 1 spot in its first appearance in the survey rankings. Some responses from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry are similar to those in previous surveys, however. Respondents valued innovation above all, while noting industry changes around drug pricing, regulations, and policies as well as an increasing emphasis on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Read the full survey results.

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