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Science email alerts are a cost-effective vehicle for delivering your message to a large opted-in audience of our engaged Science family audience.

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Breakdowns of upcoming issue of a journal

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News and Research Alerts

News and research specifically for the science community

Daily News and Headlines
News from Science: Weekly Headlines
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Third-Party Emails

Third-party emails are created by your company and sent by Science to a targeted audience of your choice. Our opt-in program ensures that your messages reach scientists with a genuine interest in your product area. We’ll help tailor your list selects to reach the most targeted individuals possible.

Step 1: Choose your selects
Send us a draft of your message. We will return a proof for approval prior to deployment. Your representative will work with you to finalize who to target, e.g., Molecular Biologists who are based in the United States.

Step 2: Cost Estimate
We will confirm the number of people that we can target with the chosen selects and the total cost.

Step 3: Choose a date for your campaign.
We limit the number of emails sent each week and your representative will be able to advise which weeks are available.

Step 4: Send Artwork and subject line.
Please supply both HTML (.html, .htm) and text versions of the email. The subject line should not exceed 50 characters and total file size should not exceed 500kb. Any images included in the file must be hosted on your site. Materials are due one week prior to send date.

The Results: After your campaign is complete, your representative will provide a report showing the total number of emails sent, emails delivered, emails opened, and click-throughs.

Download the info sheet to see the full list of discipline selects and product/technology selects available.


average open rate


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of readers took action after reading a third party email

Science Focus Newsletter

Whether your product is focused on neuroscience, cell biology, biomarker research, mass spectrometry, or another scientific specialty, the Science Focus newsletter puts your name out in front with the most up-to-date scientific and science policy content.

Career Path Newsletter

This e-newsletter is distributed bi-weekly to Science Careers registrants and includes job openings, career trends, and advice. Reach both passive and active job seekers with your organization’s job opportunities or branding message.

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